UNDO Hairware 4" Claw Clip

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4" Cerulean Claw Clip by UNDO Hairware

The No. 4 Claw Clip is uniquely designed for superior holding power. Its contoured surfaces close flat, providing an unparalleled grasp to create a wide variety of styling options with ease. Crafted through a precise pouring and polishing process, this clip boasts striking curves and contours, while its high-tension spring ensures all-day holding power, offering both style and reliability in one exquisite accessory.

Cerulean is an electrifying shade that radiates energy and exudes fun, vibrancy, and courage. Designed to be the center of attention in all hair colors, this lively opaque blue commands the spotlight.

4 in / 98 mm

Hand-polished resin

Made in Italy