New Fall Arrivals//

Gia crinkle Silk tops, pants and skirt. Shop collection in Fall colors in Black, Cerise and Umber.

Waking Up With Eros

See inside the morning rituals and routines of Photographer / Model Saavan Sagar

Edie Print
Edie French Cut Bikini

Edie French Cut Bikini Edie French Cut Bikini


Edie Baby Tee in Floral Print

Edie Baby Tee Floral Print


Edie Thong in Floral Print

Edie Thong Floral Print


Edie Bodysuit in Floral Print

Edie Bodysuit Floral Print


Eros Playlist Vol. IV

We are excited to share Vol. IV of Eros Sessions.


A playlist curated by Breanna Lance that was inspired by writings of love with your beloved. Tune in, get inspired and fall in love.