Waking Up With Eros

Dianna Cohen of Crown Affair

Every morning I start the day with The Five Minute Journal, followed by 30 minutes of Morning Pages, which are three pages of consciousness writing. I write with iced coffee by my side, followed by 30-45 min of stretching and foam rolling.

I've always viewed Morning Pages and stretching as a form of meditation, but I still haven't mastered the act of being still while getting in the zone.

To me, wellbeing means taking care of yourself in a holistic way. Everything in our bodies is connected and has a beautiful way of signaling something. Slowing down and taking your time for the things that make you feel good and whole- be it a creative pursuit, meditation, cooking, brushing your hair- all those daily actions of care are a part of wellbeing.

Currently Reading

I'm really proud of my relationship with my family and having the same group of best friends since Elementary school. They all know me exactly as I am and keep me happy and grounded. I'm grateful for and proud of those relationships.

I feel the most creatively fulfilled when I'm in a flow with my creativity and having fun. Putting together a moodboard, being on set, having open time and space to make something that adds a bit of magic to the world.

Some things that help me when I'm feeling overwhelmed or stressed

* Journaling. Joan Didion once said- 'I don't know what I think until I write down.' I feel this deeply. Taking pen to actual paper (not just digital) slows me
down and allows me honestly express whatever I'm feeling.

* Stretching. If I'm overwhelmed, I reach for the yoga mat and foam roller and listen to some radiohead or Moby. 10 minutes later, I'm in a totally different headspace.