UNDO Hairware 4" Claw Clip


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4" Bordeaux Claw Clip by UNDO Hairware

The No. 4 Claw Clip is uniquely designed for superior holding power. Its contoured surfaces close flat, providing an unparalleled grasp to create a wide variety of styling options with ease. Crafted through a precise pouring and polishing process, this clip boasts striking curves and contours, while its high-tension spring ensures all-day holding power, offering both style and reliability in one exquisite accessory.

Bordeaux emanates a rich, luminous wine hue, reminiscent of aged red wine. Its glowing allure adds a touch of opulence and sophistication; its translucency gives it a realistic liquid-like glow.

4 in / 98 mm

Hand-polished resin

Made in Italy