Sigil Fragrance in Anima Mundi

Sigil Fragrance

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Anima Mundi by Sigil Fragrance. A representation the intrinsic spirit that connects all living things on the planet - a spirit that exists beyond our consciousness yet is present within each of us. Embodying the vital force of our universe, Anima Mundi, or "world soul", balances masculine animus and feminine anima. Like petals floating through curls of smoke, luscious notes of rose and creamy jasmine mingle with spicy hinoki wood. The scent's intoxicating essence shifts from moment to moment, revealing fragrant notes of tuberose and the candied smokiness of pure immortelle.

  • Key notes: Immortelle, hinoki, rose, jasmine
  • 100% natural, recyclable packaging, vegan & cruelty-free
  • Free of Gluten, Soy, and Parabens
  • 1 oz/ 30 ml
  • This item is not available for international export
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