Lola James Harper Candle in 5 The White Coffee on Teta Balcony

Lola James Harper Candle

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"The White Coffee on Teta Balcony" scented candle by Lola James Harper. Inspired by nostalgic scents, this candle is named after their family friend. Founder Rami Mekdachi says, "We gather often at her place to think, talk about projects and she always serves us white coffee. A beverage of orange blossom, honey and hot water." The scent takes you to a creative place to relax, think and write.

  • Notes: Texas Cedar / Petitgrain / Orange Blossom / Mandarin
  • Packaged in a beautifully designed white box
  • 190gr
  • Burn time: approximately 60 hours
  • Made in France
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